Bled and Ljubljana

Bled and Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia

BIOEM 2018 – pre conference tour on 24.6.2018 – full day

Numerous visitors describe Ljubljana as a hidden gem of Europe. Its picturesque image has been marked by different historical periods, and mostly by the opus of the world-famous architect, Jože Plečnik. Discover the city’s main attractions by walking along the Ljubljanica river, enjoy delicious traditional food in restaurants and pastry shops. Don’t miss the Ljubljana Castle overlooking the downtown of Ljubljana.

Bled is one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist resorts. Its most distinctive features are a lake of glacial origin famous for a little island in the middle, and an 11th century castle, which houses a museum, chapel and printing press. With its iconic fairy-tale church steeple perched atop the tiny rock island at the middle of Lake Bled, Bled is a sight that stays in your memory.

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