Pulse Biosciences

Pulse Biosciences, Inc.
3957 Point Eden Way
Hayward, California 94545
Tel: 510.906.4600

We are a development-stage medical device company using a novel and proprietary platform technology called Nano-Pulse Stimulation or NPS. NPS is a local and drug-free technology that utilizes ultra-short, nanosecond pulsed electric fields to induce cell signaling and the activation of cellular pathways in tissue. We believe that NPS can induce a variety of cellular responses including secretion, apoptosis and necrosis by modulating the NPS pulses, making it applicable to a wide variety of cell types and therapeutic applications.

One of the more promising applications of NPS is the treatment of solid tumors, where pre-clinical datadeveloped by Pulse Biosciences and others have shown that NPS provides effective local tumor control and initiates an adaptive immune response with a vaccine-like effect by inducing immunogenic apoptosis of the treated cells. We believe we will establish NPS as a new treatment modality across a variety of applications, including both veterinary and human oncology, dermatology, aesthetics and other minimally invasive applications where current ablation modalities do not provide the benefits of NPS.

We are developing a proprietary system for the delivery of NPS treatments, currently identified as the
PulseTxTM system or “PulseTx.” The PulseTx system delivers NPS pulses through its proprietary tunable pulse generator and its suite of electrodes. The PulseTx system pulses are applied directly to tissue through electrodes, creating transient nanometer pores in cell and organelle membranes. For the treatment of cancer, we believe that we can trigger a signaling cascade within the tumor cells that ends in immunogenic apoptosis. Immunogenic apoptosis is a process in which cells are induced to die in a natural way, initiating their own programmed cell death, engaging the immune system to clear damaged, diseased, or aged cells and enrolling cytotoxic T cells to recognize and eliminate cells of the same tumor type. We believe we are the only medical device company with the intellectual property, technology, and know-how to be able to produce this natural cell death using NPS to initiate cell signaling that induces the targeted adaptive immune response.