ELES – Slovenia

ELES, d.o.o.
Hajdrihova 2, 1000 Ljubljana

The ELES Company ensures the safe, reliable and uninterrupted transmission of electricity. ELES is the guardian of Slovenia’s electric power transmission system, which is closely connected to the transmission networks of neighbouring countries and integrated into the European energy system.
Our responsibility is that electricity is always at hand, ensuring the consumers can meet their needs and wishes at any time.

ELES is the operator of the electric power transmission network of the Republic of Slovenia. With a professional approach, know-how and advanced technology, ELES has been providing safe, reliable and uninterrupted electric power transmission throughout Slovenia and across the borders for 90 years. Thus, the company connects people and ensures quality of life. ELES endeavours to strategically, responsibly and sustainably plan, construcat and maintain Slovenia’s high-voltage transmission network in three voltage levels: 400 kV, 220 kV and a part of 110 kV.