Student Support

Student Support

BioEM2018 will offer support to students by waiving the registration fee. This support is intended to partially offset participation costs to attend the conference. To be eligible for support, the student must be a first author, present their paper at the meeting and be a member of either BEMS or EBEA.

Requests for student support will be accepted until March 9, 2018. The LOC will send out notifications on approving support via email.

To apply for Student Support, fill out this application form and email it to

To apply for BEMS membership, click here.

To apply for EBEA membership, click here.

NOTE: Student requesting support must be a (student) member of EITHER BEMS or EBEA. Please choose the society of your preference.
You may, of course, apply to both societies, but membership in at least ONE society is required to apply for student support for BioEM2018.

Student Grant Policy

BEMS and EBEA members, students (and/or their advisors) are notified of the opportunity to apply to have their registration fee waived via the newsletter, abstract acceptance letters, websites, and email announcing requests for student support applications.

At the time of abstract submission, or thereafter, students should submit the above completed student support application.

To be eligible, the student must:

  • Be a first author of their abstract;
  • Present his/her paper at the BioEM2018 Joint Meeting;
  • Be a member of EITHER society (see membership applications); and
  • Submit a letter from their University or advisor confirming their student status.

The number of grants awarded will be determined based on the availability of funds.

The requests are collected until March 9, 2018 after which the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will send out notifications via email approving student support.