Instructions for Presenters

Oral presentations

All oral presentations have been allocated a 15-minute time slot. These 15-minutes must include the presentation, questions, and transitioning to the next speaker. It is recommended that speakers plan on an 11 minute presentation to allow for questions and discussion (4 minutes). It is important to strictly adhere to this schedule as most oral presentations are scheduled in parallel sessions. Arrive at least 10 minutes early prior to the start of the session and introduce yourself to the chair and familiarize yourself with the audio-visual equipment.

Each meeting room will be equipped with a personal computer to accommodate PowerPoint and PDF presentation formats. Technical support will be present in each meeting room to ensure flawless execution. Authors must upload their presentations onto the designated computer at the conference venue during the break before their session. Presenters will not be allowed to connect their own computer to the projection system. Presentations can be loaded via USB flash memory stick. Authors are urged to try to minimise any potential problems by taking advantage of redundancy whenever possible: save and bring presentations in multiple formats (PowerPoint and Adobe PDF), store presentations in more than one media, and keep the media on your person during travel.

Important information regarding a presentation upload system

All oral presenters are expected to support their presentation with a corresponding slideshow. The slides should be prepared in either PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) or PDF format to ensure maximum compatibility with the equipment available on-site. Videos should either be embedded into the slides, or, if linked, physically accompany the main presentation document.

There is a central upload system used for the BioEM conference, whereby it is possible and much desirable to upload the slides and accompanying material using this centralised online system accessible from the Internet.

In order to access the system, presenters of submitted abstracts have received a personalised link to the upload system (sent Friday, June 22, 2018). If you have received an email inviting you to upload your presentation, and the talk will be given by your colleague in your place, please forward the email to your colleague who will be giving the talk instead of you.

The email containing the access link also comes with a PDF of complete instructions on step-by-step use of the system, which you can also download by clicking here.

Presenters are strongly encouraged to visit the Preview Room (Pharos hall) from Sunday 10 a.m. onward and throughout the duration of the conference, either in order to

  • Verify that their presentation materials uploaded via the Internet display properly on the on-site equipment; or to
  • Seek assistance from a qualified technician present in the Preview Room in order to upload the presentation materials in the eventuality they will not succeed to take care of it over the Internet.

Any questions and inquiries as to the use of the system should be addressed to the contact listed in the Invitation-to-upload email that you have received as a presenter.

Student Poster Presentations with Flash Presentation

Poster sessions are an important part of the BioEM2018 conference and a method for immediate and effective communication between all those interested in specific subjects, actions or programs. Posters should be carefully designed and prepared to ensure their full impact.

The poster presenters are kindly requested to follow the instructions below:

  • Two poster sessions, i.e., A on Monday, June 25 at 2:30 PM, and B on Tuesday, June 26 at 2:30 PM, are planned.
  • All student posters will also be presented as poster flash presentation. The two poster flash sessions will take place on Monday, June 25 in the Mediteranea hall from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM (FA),and on Tuesday, June 26 in meeting room from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM (FB).
  • Please ensure that you plan your communication carefully. The language is English. Each presenter will have 3 minutes time to present 4 slides maximum for the flash presentation (discussions will follow afterwards at your poster). Please introduce yourself in the beginning of your presentation and point out the main findings of your work. Hence your presentation should not include new material that is not shown on your poster.
  • The Chairs will call up the next presenter after the 3 min are over and you have to leave the podium.
  • Please upload your presentation at the computer available in the Pharos hall on Monday, June 25 before 12:30 PM for the FA session, and on Tuesday June 26 before 12:30 PM for the FB session either in PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF format, since all flash poster presentations will be uploaded beforehand on the same computer. The presenters will not be allowed to use their USB memory sticks or laptops during the session.

Important information regarding a presentation upload system

Authors and Co-authors on those posters who have been selected for a Poster Flash Presentation have also received an email invitation to upload their flash presentation of 3 minutes using the online upload system in advance, or during the Conference.

Please see the text above under Oral Presentations for more details on the upload system.

The instructions in PDF are also available here.

Poster format and dimensions

The poster display panels that will be available for poster presentations at the Congress measure 1000 × 2000 mm, width by height (see image below), however not all of this area is available for your poster(s). The maximum size, as well as the recommended size/format, are therefore given below. Please consider using the recommended format, although you are free to choose any size up to the maximum size. But in any case your poster must adhere to portrait orientation.

prescribed poster orientation

Recommended format
Size: 841 × 1189 mm, width × height (A0 according to ISO 216)
Orientation: Portrait

Maximum dimensions format
Size: 900 × 1700 mm, width × height (custom)
Orientation: Portrait

Mounting and removal of posters

Mounting of posters will be possible from 1.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. There will be help on Sunday afternoon and material ready for mounting.
All posters must be removed by Wednesday until 6.00 p.m. the latest. Posters that will be left behind and remain mounted on Wednesday evening will not be returned to their authors, and will be disposed of.